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Astronaut's Coat Rack

Fall 2018


Design a coat rack capable of withstanding the weight of an Astronaut's Coat (25lbs)


  • The bracket must be laser cut out of 1/8" acrylic 

  • There are restrictions on where and how the coat rack can be hung

  • Make it as light as possible


  • Successfully designed 2 brackets that could hold 25 lbs:

    • 0.98 grams (Desired F.O.S: 1.3, Actual F.O.S: 1.2)

    • 1.75 grams (Desired F.O.S: 5, Actual F.O.S: 4.5)

I designed my coat rack using FBD's, FEA and CAD methods.


Making simplifications and using geometric & stress relations, I was able to develop an analytical function that predicted stress and F.O.S magnitudes  within 5-7% of the actual FEA values. This allowed me to construct a bracket for a given F.OS that minimized mass with little iteration and guesswork. 

The development of the analytical solution and FEA studies are outlined in the "Design Analysis & Report" pdf.

Design & Analysis 

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