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SpaceX Starship

Summer 2020

Interned as an Associate Vehicle Engineer at SpaceX on the Starship program working on SN5, SN6, & SN8 vehicles.

Starship is a reusable rocket designed to send people to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. Click here to learn more


      - Leading build and testing operations

      - Certifying that subsystems are flight ready

      - Resolving off nominal cases

      - Working with Design Engineers to improve DFM

      - Developing new build methods to increase production speed

Key systems worked on:

      - Avionics

      - Hydraulics

      - Landing system

      - Propulsion plumbing

      - Raptor engine

      - Secondary propulsion systems


SN8 12km Flight
SN5 150m Flight
SN6 150m Flight
Standing in front of Starhopper & SN6 
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