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Propeller Design

Task: Worked with 2 other members to design, analyze, test, and manufacture propellers for different types of races (i.e. sprint and endurance races)



Designed 2 propellers using OpenProp, a propeller-developing software created by MIT graduate students. 

     a) Sprint propeller is optimized for speed

     b) Endurance propeller is optimized for efficiency

Propeller Design
OpenProp ss.jpg
CFD & FEA Simulations

Ran Computational Flow simulations and FEA studies in SolidWorks to analyze flow streamlines and stress concentrations, respectively.





Part1-Static 1-Displacement-Displacement
Manufacturing Process

Designed CNC process using MasterCam software and manufactured propellers using Aluminum 6061 T-6 stock and HAAS CNC machines in CMU machine shop.





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