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Robotic Gripper

Fall 2018

Task: Build a gripper capable of securing and holding on to an object

Challenges: Dynamic testing, manufacturing, high speed, low torque motor


Developed key relationships between electrical power and gripper force

- Constructed and implemented new design in 1 week

- Gripper completed the assigned task

Lessons Learned:

- Simplicity in design allows for deeper analysis

- Doesn't matter how you start. Just analyze, improve, and repeat


Initial Design

Design & Analysis
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 5.33.38 PM.png
Initial Gripper_edited.jpg

Key Features:

- 3-D printed claws designed for a secure grip 

- 6 gear system to increase torque ratio

- Attachable bearing blocks for stability

- 4-bar linkage to maximize the contact surface with the object

- Dycem material for a high coefficient of friction


Design Issues:

- ALS (3-D printing material) experienced numerous stress failures 

- Not enough contact force to stop slippage during testing

- Tolerances on gear shaft weren't tight enough



Final Design

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 8.57.12 PM.png

Key Features:

- 2 Stationary arms to reduce the number of moving parts

- Higher gear ratio to maximize torque 

- 5/8" acrylic material to handle bending stresses

Dynamic Testing

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