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Walking Robot

Fall 2018

Task: Design an automated quadruped robot

Challenges: 1 motor, 2 weeks to implement, dynamic analysis of system

- Designed coupler curves using four-bar linkages 

- Developed gear train to actuate 4 legs with 1 motor

- The robot was capable of moving on its own

Lessons Learned: 

- Start testing early 

- Expect unanticipated failures and plan accordingly

Robot Bird's Eye.JPG

Modeled robot after a dog with crescent coupler curve(motion of a leg) for steady motion and trot gait to maintain balance in all directions.

Animal gait.gif
Dog treadmill coupler curve.gif

Designed the coupler curve and parts using MotionGen software and SolidWorks, respectively. 

Final Coupler Curve.jpg
Coupler info 1.jpg
Coupler info 2.jpg

Brief Demo

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